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38,99 EUR*
Details Cultural Political Economy (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy (Paperback))

The global political economy is inescapably cultural. Whether we talk about the economic dimensions of the 'war on terror', the sub-prime crisis and its aftermath, or the ways in which new information technology has altered practices of production and ...

38,99 EUR*
Details The Child in International Political Economy (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy (Paperback))

This pioneering volume argues for the inclusion of children, and the structure known as 'childhood', as a permanent social category worthy of continued study within the discipline of international political economy (IPE). Fundamentally, and very ...

44,49 EUR*
Details Anarchy and the Law: The Political Economy of Choice (Independent Studies in Political Economy)

Private-property anarchism, also known as anarchist libertarianism, individualist anarchism, and anarcho-capitalism, is a political philosophy and set of economic and legal arguments that maintains that, just as the markets and private institutions of ...

39,62 EUR*
Details Radical Political Economy: A Concise Introduction

Radical Political Economy This introduction to radical political economy strikes a balance between breadth and depth, and was written for the beginning student and others interested in a relatively short text on the essential foundations of radical ...

24,95 EUR*
Details It's the Political Economy, Stupid

It's the Political Economy, Stupid Leading critical artists and theorists analyse the current crisis of capitalism. Full description

48,65 EUR*
Details Tocqueville's Political Economy

Tocqueville's Political Economy Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-59) has long been recognized as a major political and social thinker as well as historian, but his writings also contain a wealth of little-known insights into economic life and its ...